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Jewel Velvet Cushion in Topaz

Jewel Velvet Cushion in Topaz
  • $85.00

A medium blue with a certain clarity to it that makes you feel as if you might be gazing into the crystal waters of a calm lagoon. This versatile hue is well-suited to both subdued and vibrant color palettes. 

Our cotton velvet cushions bear the name "jewel" for a reason. The plush, beautifully shorn pile of the fabric has a subdued elegance with a faint luminosity in certain lights. Available in an array of hues inspired by gems in a jewel box, feel free to get creative and mix and match our cushions with one another or with your existing pillows to create personalized combinations to suit different interior moods and color schemes. All our Jewel Velvet Cushions are backed with natural linen and feature a hidden zip closure.

Dimensions: 20" x 20"

Material: front is 100% cotton velvet, back is 100% natural linen 

Handmade in Fairfield County, CT by our team of wonderful seamstresses

Care: Dry clean only. Wipe spills and stains immediately in a patting motion (never rubbing or scrubbing) with a damp clean cloth. Once dried the velvet pile will go back to its smooth surface.

Our cushion inserts are a 10/90 Down/Feather blend with 220 thread-count cloth covers which prevent unpleasant poking from feather quills. All our cushion inserts pass the 'v-chop' test as well. 

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