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Gestalte [hə·ʃtɔl·tə], n.

The Danish word meaning form or shape.

I created Gestalte in 2017 as a platform to share my woodworks with the public. I chose the name 'gestalte' because the concept of 'form' or 'shape' is the driving force behind my design process. I constantly strive to define the forms that I design and create in ways that are aesthetically pure and inherently beautiful...in fact, if I were to articulate my mission in a few words, I would say that it is simply this: "to give form to beauty". Located in Connecticut, I use locally sourced timbers for all my work, a choice which reflects my deep-seated conviction that one of the first steps in building a sustainable future is supporting our local economies and the businesses and people that they are built upon. Thank you for visiting Gestalte - I hope you love what you see!

- Georgia Grace Pendleton