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Gestalte [hə·ʃtɔl·tə], n.

The Danish word meaning form or shape.

Gestalte was born in 2017 as a platform for wood carver Georgia Grace Pendleton to share her work with the public. She felt that the word 'gestalte' was a fitting name for her brand given that her creative mission was highly focused on delivering beautiful, functional forms that would only improve with time and use.

In 2018, Georgia Grace gave birth to her daughter Paloma Rose. While adjusting to her new life as a mother, Georgia Grace found that it was difficult to find time to carve. Seeking an alternative path to express her creative impulses, she turned to painting and textiles. It was a match made in heaven. The infinite textural variations possible through painted applications and the world of sumptuous and tactile fabrics felt like a natural next step.

Georgia Grace currently enjoys designing beautiful pillows crafted from small batch, individually sourced fabrics woven from the finest natural fibers of raw silk and linen. The artist also creates her own blockprint patterns for use in her pillows, in addition to producing paintings in acrylic, employing an array of earthy hues which lend a sense of grounded serenity to all her works that simultaneously anchor and uplift the viewer.

Located in Greenwich, Connecticut, Georgia Grace employs local underprivileged women to produce her pillows and pays them a fair, living wage. This conscious choice reflects her deep-seated conviction that one of the first steps in building a sustainable future is supporting our local economies and the people that they are built upon.

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